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L’appât du gain manifesté par les entreprises supranationales et certains groupes oligarchiques, de même que le contrôle des ressources naturelles par ceux-ci, dirigent l’humanité vers un nouvel ordre mondial de type féodal, voir même sa perte. Confronté à cette situation, l’être humain est invité à refuser d’accepter d’emblée une pseudo-vérité véhiculée par des médias peut-être à la solde de ces entreprises et groupes. Au contraire, il est invité à s’engager dans un processus de discernement et conscientisation afin de créer sa propre vérité par la confrontation de sa réalité nécessairement subjective à des données objectives, telles que révélées par la science, par exemple.

The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves. - Plato

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

I am a global warming skeptics, where is my money from big oil? I am waiting!

According to this PR executive James Hoggan, everybody who is a skeptic about climate change, global warming or anything about the climate is a "recipient of corporate funds" that protects the industry against regulation that could prevent climate change.... Listen to this:

But who his James Hoggan... Read this article to know more.

Like you can read on my blog, I debate the science, I am pro clean energy, I am for getting rid of fossil fuels ASAP and have no link whatsoever with any corporate entity. I am only here to protect the future of the human race.

Anyway, there is no or little links between green house gases produced by humans and climate changes. So all of this debate is for nothing... Only produces more CO2... So SHUT-UP.

4 commentaires:

Brian Mays a dit...

Wow! What a scumbag! A PR sleezoid criticizing PR campaigns, who would have imagined?

Pot ... kettle ...

The sad thing is that ignorant people accept this sort of nonsense without question ... hook, line, and sinker.

Kevin Grandia a dit...

Did you read the book? If you did, you wouldn't be saying this. Tell me where the scientific evidence is that points to your claims.

Kevin Grandia
Managing Editor

Simon Filiatrault a dit...

Kevin, to whom are you addressing this comment and what is exactly "saying that" is related to?

Brian Mays a dit...

Simon - This is obviously a case of "when PR flacks attack." It's not surprising really, These guys are perpetually in attack mode.

If only the Exxon-Mobile pay-machine were as consistent as the alarmist, eco-funded attack-machine ... sigh ... we'd all be rich.

Mr. Grandia - Why stop by here? Shouldn't you be busy smearing the opposition? That's your job, isn't it?

By the way, why do ask about "scientific evidence"? Judging from your self-published credentials, you are sorrily ill-equipped to judge any scientific evidence. In fact, I notice that you have no scientific qualifications whatsoever. You're just another lame PR guy, marketing a point that your boss tells you to market.