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L’appât du gain manifesté par les entreprises supranationales et certains groupes oligarchiques, de même que le contrôle des ressources naturelles par ceux-ci, dirigent l’humanité vers un nouvel ordre mondial de type féodal, voir même sa perte. Confronté à cette situation, l’être humain est invité à refuser d’accepter d’emblée une pseudo-vérité véhiculée par des médias peut-être à la solde de ces entreprises et groupes. Au contraire, il est invité à s’engager dans un processus de discernement et conscientisation afin de créer sa propre vérité par la confrontation de sa réalité nécessairement subjective à des données objectives, telles que révélées par la science, par exemple.

The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves. - Plato

mardi 23 février 2010

Is the green propaganda going too far?

Looking at those pictures and video make me feel sick to my stomach. I think the green agenda as lost grip on reality and see doom and gloom where it does not exist. They only see the worst possible scenario that is not even true.

For example this picture, The hanging of a stuffed polar bear and two penguins. Since global warming started, the polar bear population has been increasing mostly because of men:

Polar bears are currently abundant and not threatened with extinction because of the implementation of the International Agreement for the Conservation of Polar Bears and their Habitat and the development of co-ordinated research and management programmes. Scientists generally agree that improved conservation measures, primarily controls on harvests, have lead to an increase in polar bear numbers over the last 30 years.
“The assertion that polar bears as a species are in imminent danger of extinction or even threatened with extinction in the foreseeable future is both unproven and unlikely.” Source

The oldest known fossil of a polar bear is nearly 70,000 years old. It was found in new Kew, England. This fossil shows a bear whose size is much larger than that of todays bears. So those animals lived and survived for a long time through all those periods that where warmer and cooler than today as shown in this graph.

So I would not worry too much about the polar bear and if a problem arise, we are here to help.

What about the penguins? Well those live in the south regions of the planet, not the north where the polar bear lives.  You can see form this page, that the population of all the species of penguins are mostly doing very well. According to this National Geographic article, the penguins survived the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago. So again I would not worry to much about those either.

And then there is this type of propagandist video, made to scare kids:

From this video, the polar bears, chimpanzee and kangaroo are all becoming suicidal, because of global warming.  No more ice for the polar bear, no more vegetation for the chimpanzee and kangaroo.

As you may have noticed, the sea ice extent is growing back and the average in the last 31 years does not look so bad.

As for the vegetation, the increase CO2 content of the atmosphere is having a positive effect on the vegetation cover of the planet:
Results from controlled studies show how a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, which is expected to occur over the next century, will increase crop yields by 30 to 40 percent, double the water-use efficiency of most of the earth's vegetation and possibly triple the productivity of forests.
Also we need to consider that the renewed popularity of nuclear power, will hopefully make the burning of fossil fuel a thing of the past.  The high density of nuclear power, also means that we would use less land for electricity production, thus more land for forest, parks and animals.

Please spread the word that the situation is not that dire and that we can do better.  Educating our kids with facts instead of scaring them with green propaganda will save our planet.

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andyscrase a dit...

Thanks Simon. Those hanging bears and penguins are a ludicrous statement from an increasingly desperate movement

François Lessard a dit...

Greenspinning! Vous poser bien la question! La tendance ira en augmentant! It is a reverse grenwashing propaganda marketing!